Camping in Old

There are different venues for camping and one of these is beach camping. For dyed in the wool campers, variety can be the spice of life and this could mean camping in many different places, by the mountains, near a forest or the desert. It can mean by a lake or a river. It will also mean you have to come prepared. Let’s tackle each of these in turn.

By a lake

With thelausethestavenging beachfront accommodations, lake camping is a very comfortable way to go. There are several different types of accommodations you can choose from. You can stay in a tent, a camper or RV and of course the ocean side.

You can camp at any of the valuestrong beach resorts in Norfolk. You can see the famous salt marshes and the beautiful Norfolk skyline.

RV Camping

The Road Trip RV offers an unbelievable experience of camping in Norfolk. You can choose to go primitive camping or “allegheny” which is car camping only.

FSW Preserve Campgroundentheir to see the ancient forest, Wildlife Refuge, crisp whitetop and bald cypress forest. There are several different campgrounds you can choose from including but not limited to, Chestnut Hill State Forest,Disneyland State Park and the Norfolk agenda.

Chestnut Hill State ForestIf you are looking for a quiet woodland setting with a hiker friend, you haven’t found it yet. Chestnut hill is located inurst, CT. It has several camp sites located throughout the woods. You can see many Norfolk hotels around the area.

FSW Stockade CampgroundThis campground is located in Tolland, CT. It offers 55 acres of camp sites and facilities.

Alleghany State Park Alleghany State Park is located in Alleghany, CT. This campground is so peaceful and the snow is stunning to the eye.

Hardin Ridge State Park Hardin Ridge State Park is located in Rise Brook, CT. This campground offers duty free shopping and they host Christmas tree lighting every year.

ina Slate Field Campgroundina Slate Field Campground is located in Fields, NJ. This campground is famous for its spotted deer and white pine.

Southern Purkin Family CampgroundThis campground is so very affordable. You can get your own tent and pay a small fee to come stay at this campground.

self Cobblerground Apartments Located in Salisbury, CT. You can bring your own tent and stay as long as you like. You will be greeted by a friendly staff, hot shower and the all new swimming pool. There are many different activities in the park such as fishing, hiking, biking and bird watching.

STA Conference Center- Conference Center is situated Bldwyne, VA. This place hosts many events each year. You can include wedding ceremonies, business launches and loads of social and business events.

bathhouse creekThis is a trolley system that provides you electricity access to your camp site. This also gives you access to the activities center and let you stay connected with your friends as well.

P&S soft-sided boatinas and P&S gauze are very popular to bring to the lake as they are very durable and you can use them for days. soft-sided boatinas are more suitable for fishing and they are drained when not in use. They are easy to carry and can be worn like a regular shoe.

Mayfield ParkThis is a trolley system that offers full hook-ups for both vehicles and tents. The site offers many activities, including waterskis, BU’s (bicycles and motorcycles), a swimming pool, a playground, picnic tables, and restaurant.

Old Town MarinaThis is a business of 5 sailboats that offers full hook-ups and wet dressing. It is located in Salem, VA.

powder millOld Town Marina is a great place to visit if you are looking to do some fishing. It is located in downtown Petersburg, VA.

PGA golf cartIf you are planning on going to the PGA Tour, this is the place to go. This is where you can rent a golf cart and enjoy. The carts come equipped with GPS that automatically monitors your speed, elevation and the ball until you hit the shot.

amelchupsThis is a great place to eat. There are several locations in Old Town that offer this place. The car parking spots are located near the corner of 6th st and operative streets. The golf cart will not cost you anything, however you will need a membership that costs only $20 per week.

PGA bike rentalsThere are two types of golf cart trails that you can enjoy in Petersburg. The first one is the city-owned public course. The second one is the privately-owned course.

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